Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wood burning Cook stoves!

I'm absolutely in love with the Heartland Oval cook stove, with hot water reservoir. The 1903 model is gorgeous. The Heartland Sweetheart  (model 2603) is beautiful too, but the oven is smaller... and I like to cook!

Heartland "Sweetheart" with hot water reservoir.

I also really like the look of the Elmira Stove Works  "Fireview" cook stoves. Being able to see the fire AND have a huge 3.0 cubic foot oven... sure, those options cost more money, but I think they'd be totally worth it...

I know there are cheaper wood cook stoves out there... but I keep coming back to the Heartland. And given how my cabin is laid out, I've decided that my wood stove must be easy on the eyes, as well as efficient and useable. I mean, I'm an artist... I don't think I would enjoy an "ugly" stove as much. *laughs*

I guess I better start saving up....! These stoves start at around 4k, and go up from there!!

Oooorrr.... I could just get a generic one via Kijiji. Given that I've found several beautiful older, useable stoves listed there for as little as $150.00!!  Crazyness!

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